Muslims and marriage guidance. One choice wanted to couples wanting to save your self their wedding will be see a wedding therapist.


having ocd and dating

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Even with wedding, it absolutely wasn’t effortless he got a job in Riyadh where we are currently residing as he was still jobless until the last year when. All those full years we had been penniless and all sorts of our costs had been cared for by his two brothers and quite often my moms and dads including my deliveries and children college charges, food, etc. But, we never ever uttered an expressed term and ended up being exceptionally patient and supportive towards him and Allah understands most useful concerning this. Our love expanded time by time and then we can not also imagine per day without one another plus the promises that there may be no body in the life except me personally ever. Instantly, 1 day he arrived and told me he would like to simply take a moment spouse because he’s got a intimate problem as a result of which he is not also in a position to focus on their profession. He claims with me daily coz he doesn’t enjoy it with me if done daily that he wants to have sex daily or more than that due to some problem but, he isn’t able to have it. But, that isn’t my issue, I’m perfect, but it is their issue. He nevertheless believes that i am breathtaking in which he’s nevertheless attracted he was earlier towards me the way. But, it really is some unwelcome issue which will be perhaps maybe not permitting him to take pleasure from intercourse beside me daily. Now, as a result of this desire he is obligated to masturbate or watch porn or perhaps is driven towards haram tasks which their friends daily provide to him which he obviously does not want to get in direction of. But, there is certainly this Egyptian girl in their workplace who proposed my better half and it is prepared be their 2nd spouse. Now, we are Indians plus A indian girl would never ever accept this. He would like to marry her only after he is economically stable to manage two families while he is beginning their business that is new venture he’s got kept his work and it is jobless once more, which can also simply simply simply take a 12 months or higher than that. Until, chances are they’re nevertheless in contact through telephone calls and messages. It is impossible for me personally to tolerate or accept this. All sorts can be suffered by me of problems but it is away from my threshold energy.i can’t ever share my better half with anybody. We even chatted to this girl and requested her to go out of, coz my hubby states that then he would never want to marry any other woman and think it to be Allahs will and try to bear with his sexual problem too if he doesn’t get married to her for any reason like if her parents don’t agree. He’s also willing to signal an agreement about it. But, that girl is minimum bothered and states she can not keep him since it’s quite difficult to have the exact same with everyone else.i also shared with her that I will have to leave my husband, the love of my life and I will be heartbroken, shattered, my life he spoiled and my kids lives will be ruined if they get married. But, she’s heartless, stubborn and selfish girl who just considers single muslim her very own interest coz she’s not too beautiful and also she actually is old enough to obtain any good wedding alliance. Now, please advise me how to approach this and prevent him from marrying her. I am praying time evening with this while having complete faith in Allah with no one except him understands the things I’m dealing with. The idea my better half also considered some girl apart from is making me cry whole time n night, therefore imagine exactly exactly how impossible it will likely be in my situation to manage up if he marries her. Please guidance me. My better half claims if Ieave him and get, he certainly defintely won’t be able to live, won even manage to inhale, so he is asking for me personally to assist him as their only fascination with this wedding is saving himself from hellfire by maybe maybe maybe not going towards haram.

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